This is a very boring page.

Last Modified on July 17 2012

I won't lead you on. This page is remarkably uninteresting. I used to have a nicer page, but I lost my account on that server after a break-in, and since then this page has been temporary. Well, after realizing it had been "temporary" for about two years, I just decided to make it my real page. And I don't have time to make it all pretty and nice, so this is what you get until I do get time. :) Please note, it's been about fifteen years, and I still haven't had time.

A disclaimer: the sites below were created at various points in my life, and reflect my feelings and beliefs at the time of their creation. I have not edited these blog-style/train of thought travel logs as they are my personal history; no matter what has transpired or changed in my life since the time at which they were written, I would no more want to alter that history any more than I would rewrite a textbook about the Second World War. Thanks for keeping that in mind!

You're probably here looking for one of several things: