I realize that all the gobbledy gook on the previous page probably doesn't make sense to most of you. Therefore, I've come up with this (hopefully) non-technical explanation of what the heck that .sig means.

1993 Vail White Classic SE-R    83,000 miles & counting
Front STB,  Stillen Short Shifter, Hotshot Gen 3 Header
17 Timing, Fiamm Horns, Place Racing Mounts, Place CAI
RE730 205/50/15,1/3 ES Bushings,Goodrich SS Brake Lines     
JWT ECU,ScrothRallye3Harness,200SX Wheels,AD22VF Brakes

1993 Vail White Classic SE-R 1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R. Classic refers to 1991-1994 Sentra SE-Rs, as opposed to the 200SX
SE-R, made from 1995-1999.
83,000 miles & counting 83,000 real miles on the odometer.
Front STB Front Strut Tower Brace. This is a bar that sits in the engine bay and acts as a structural support for the car. It aids in body rigidness when cornering.
Stillen Short Shifter Stillen (Steve Millen Autosports) Brand Short Throw Shift Lever. It's the shifter that all people have in manual transmissions, but this one changes the pivot point so that the movement on top is much shorter than normal.
Hotshot Gen3 Header Hotshot brand Generation 3 Exhaust Header. This is a redesigned exhaust piping that improves gas flow out of the engine, hence improving performance. Gen 3 refers to the third design from this company.
17 timing 17 degree timing. Timing refers to when the spark plugs detonate. The timing had been changed to imporve performance.
Fiamm Horns Fiamm brand air horn. Replaces the stock horn with one that's much louder and has a nice tone.
Place Racing Mounts Place Racing brand engine mounts. The normal engine mounts are made of rubber and are hollow. They provide stability, but remove vibration. The ones I have are made out of solid polyeurethane that keeps the engine from moving much at all. This assists in launches, but increases vibration in the car considerably.
Place CAI Place Racing brand cold air intake. An intake that replaces the stock airbox (where the filter goes) and all piping to the throttle body on the engine. It improves airflow and takes in air from the wheel well, which is not heated by the engine. Colder air is denser, and provides more push on the cylinder when burned. Improves performance, but much increases the possibilty of sucking water into the engine on rainy days. Also makes the engine sound really cool. :)
RE730 205/50/15 Bridgestone RE730 model tires in the size 205/50/15. High-performance tires. Increases road hugging, but they're really soft and wear out quickly, but it seems not as quickly as my last set, RE71s. I'm at 6000 miles and they still look good.
1/3 ES Bushings Energy Suspension polyeurethane bushings. Between most metal parts in the car are rubber dealies that keep the parts from moving around a lot and making awful creaking noises. These rubber parts wear out over time and aren't very stiff to begin with. These are replacements that are stiffer and don't wear out as easily. I only have about a third of them installed, hence 1/3.
Goodrich SS Brake Lines Goodrich brand stainless-steel brake fluid lines. These are usually rubber hoses that run from the metal brake piping to the brake calipers. When you press on the brake, the fluid is forced into the caliper. Since the fluid itself is not compressible (when new) then that pressure forces the piston in the caliper out. One of the few places there's room to expand other than the piston is in the walls of the hoses, which expand like a balloon. These upgraded lines are braided with steel fibers, kind of like the finger lock game. They keep the hose from expanding making the brakes firmer.
JWT ECU Jim Wolf Technologies ECU (Electronic Control Unit). This is the computer that controls much of the car. Nissan optimizes the original computer for economy; this one is optimized for performance. On newer cars, it would remove the speed limiter (109 MPH on 95+ cars), but my car never had one to begin with.
ScrothRallye3Harness Scroth brand 4-point racing harness. Better seatbelt that goes over both shoulders.
200SX Wheels 15" wheels off a Nissan 200SX SE-R. These are slightly bigger than stock and have more empty space. They look like they belonged on the car stock to BEGIN with.
AD22VF Brakes Brake calipers and rotors off a Nissan NX2000. Slightly bigger, slightly thicker rotors. Improve stopping performance IMMENSELY, and cool off faster to boot.

Not on the list, I also have Motul 600 Brake Fluid, which makes the brake pedal stiffer than you would believe.

I hope this helps anyone who doesn't know what's going on with the upgrades understand why. :)